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By | November 14, 2018

Where at any time any driving licence is lost, destroyed, torn, defaced or mutilated the holder shall forthwith report the matter to the original licensing authority an shall apply for issue of duplicate licence, in Form L.L.D. along with the fee prescribed under rule 6 and where a photograph is required to be affixed to a duplicate licence, two clear copies of a recent photograph of himself.

Upon the receipt of such report the licensing authority shall, after making such enquires as it may think if, if satisfied that a duplicate may properly be issued, issue a duplicate licence duly stamped “Duplicate” in red ink and the date of issue of the duplicate: Provided that where subsequent to the issue of a duplicate licence, it is found that there has been an endorsement by a Court since the date of the grant or last renewal of the licence, it shall be lawful for the licensing authority to call for the duplicate licence and make the necessary endorsement thereon.

If the licensing authority is satisfied that the applicant is in all respect fit to be granted an authorization to drive a transport vehicle, the driving licence shall be endorsed accordingly. The licensing authority shall then return the driving licence to the applicant thereof, and at the same time, if the driving licence was issued by another licensing authority, send intimation to such licensing authority. The licensing authority shall refuse to grant or countersign the authorization if it finds that applicant is not a fit and proper person to be entrusted with the safe carriage of passengers and their personal luggage or of goods.

Notwithstanding anything hereinbefore contained, no person shall be authorized to drive a motor cab or a maxi cab within the limits of the city of Amdavad, Vadodara, Rajkot and Surat unless the appropriate licensing authority is satisfied that such a person has adequate knowledge of the topographic features of that city and has granted the authorization accordingly.

A driver of a public service vehicle shall display on his left chest a badge, in the form illustrated in the Second Schedule appended to these rules, inscribed with the particulars specified in the said Schedule.  No driver of a public service vehicle shall display the badge held by him if the authorization to drive such vehicle is suspended or revoked by any authority or if his driving licence has ceased to be valid by efflux of time.

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