Tips to Get More People on Social Media

By | September 29, 2018

Social Media is kind of part of our life nowadays. Here we have something that can help if you want to grow on social media. we are starting with Facebook. So let’s find out some of the useful tips for getting more like, views and people on Facebook.

Tips to Get More People on Social Media
Videos perform better on Facebook than text. But how do you create a video that’s gonna do really well? Hey everyone, today I’m gonna share with you five simple hacks that’ll help you create a popular Facebook video.

5 Tips to Get More Views on Facebook

1. Use Emotions and Smile
The first hack I have for you is to use emotions and smile. It’s really simple. If you’re creating a video that’s really boring and dull, like this, like, “Hey everyone, today on Facebook “I’m gonna teach you how to get more traffic. “So follow these tips.” What are you gonna do? You’re gonna be like, “you suck. “Unfollow this page, I wanna go to a different page.” But by creating high engaging personality, emotion, engaging with your audience, and smiling, you’ll find that you’ll have a video that’s more engaging, people leave more comments, and they’ll like it. Even I make this mistake a lot. Yes, I show emotion, but I forget to smile. If I smiled in every single one of my videos I would do better. And it’s simple, and the reason I know this is we tested videos with smiling and we tested videos without smiling, and for some reason people preferred videos with me smiling.

2. At Least Five Minutes Long Videos
The second tip I have for you is to make sure your videos are at least five minutes long. When your videos are really short you’re not gonna keep people on Facebook long. Facebook wants users to stay on Facebook. They don’t want ’em to hop on over to your blog, to your website, to YouTube, even worse. They want ’em to stay on Facebook. The longer your videos, the more engaging they are, right? ‘Cause you’re using emotions, so hopefully people are sticking around. And the longer your videos, the more time they’re gonna stay on Facebook. The more time they’re gonna stay on Facebook, the more money Facebook makes from advertising because there’s a higher chance that people click on those ads. And that’s why you wanna have super long, engaging videos. Short videos like, two, three minutes, from what we tested, don’t perform nearly as well compared to videos that are above five minutes. We’ve even tested one video that was 60 minutes long, and actually it may of not been 60 minutes, but either way it was me doing our presentation, my editing team cropped it up and put it on there, and we found is, the longer the video the easier it was to go viral on Facebook.

3. Add a Description
The third tip I have for you is to add a description to your videos. Most people when they’re uploading videos to Facebook, they’re picking a cool looking thumbnail, they’re putting in their title, and that’s it. Take the time to write a description. And as Larry Kim, from Mobile Monkey, says, “Use the bro language.” So instead of full sentences like, quick, short, you know, statements. For example, some people either love me or hate me. The reason most people hate me is that of my aggressive marketing. So today I’m gonna share with you three bold techniques that help me make millions. That’s the example of using that type of bro language as a description. Funny enough, one of the most recent videos that I posted on Facebook, I wrote that description, or something similar to that. But by adding a description, what you’ll find is you’ll get way more engagement.

4. Add Captions
The fourth tip I have for you is to add captions to your videos. Not everyone has their speakers turned on. A lot of people listen to video content while they’re at work. A lot of people are browsing Facebook at work ’cause they don’t wanna do their job, and they just wanna check out what their friends are doing. So if your video has subtitles, right? Or has that text, the captions, people can then end up reading what’s being described on your video without having to turn on their speakers, or turn on or use headphones.

5. Engage People
The last tip I have for you is to make sure you engage people. If you tell people to leave a comment, and they leave a comment, it’s gonna help your video go more viral. So you know what? Leave a comment. Help me out. Make my video get more views. If you tell people to like your video they’re more likely to like it. If you tell people to share it, they’re more likely to share it. You get the point. You need to create engagement. Facebook’s not just looking at how long you keep people on Facebook for, but they’re also looking at, hey, are people engaging with your content? Are they clicking the play button? Are they listening to most of it? Are they hearing most of it? Are they watching most of it? Whatever it may be, they want people to engage. So when people leave a comment, because you told them to leave a comment, like I’m telling you right now, respond to ’em because if you respond to ’em they’ll probably come back again and leave another comment.

By following these five tips, what you’ll find is, you’ll create a Facebook video that’ll perform really well.
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